RemnantLink Pro

The RemnantLink Pro is similar to RemnantLink Connect , both can link with the RemnantLink app using Bluetooth. However, the Pro is specifically designed to be a RemnantLink Node. A node is software that can be installed on different types of computers (like Windows, Mac, Linux, or Raspberry Pi) to connect with a Remnant-link device. This software provides three services: 

  • RemnantLink Directory Services
  • Bitcoin Full Node with Mesh Payment Services
  • Reliquiae Full Node with Mesh Payment Services

Connect to a PC or Laptop running RemnantLink Node to decentralise the network

RemnantLink Nodes link multiple meshes using any internet connection. 

Directory services are peer-to-peer, autonomous and employ the untraceable Tor routing protocol. 

They also function as Reliquiae payment services, with a full node bitcoin client and the Reliquiae side chain to offer mesh payment services and to bolster security and reliability of the RemnantLink cryptocurrency infrastructure.

RemnantLink Pro Overview