The Reliquiae token is not a crypto coin, it is a derivative unit of value, and that value comes from Bitcoin.

Relequae is a layer 2 side chain, based on the elements project

Reliquiae pegs directly with bitcoin, this allows the value of bitcoin to be locked on the bitcoin blockchain and the value transferred to the Reliquiae sidechain.

Censorship Proof

Reliquiae bypasses the need to integrate with traditional financial services. Additionally Reliquiae allows users to create their own, self hosted blockchain cryptocurrency that is derived from Bitcoin

Mesh Network Communication

RemnantLink mesh network radios self-assemble a resilient mesh network, providing a censorship proof, robust long-range wide-area communications infrastructure.

Complete Network Solution

RemnantLink is a complete solution to build a long range mesh network and software to uplink to other mesh networks to connect to users globally.

Host your own off-grid cryptocurrency!

For extended off-grid use, or censorship avoidance, Reliquiae allows for the user creation and hosting of a layer 3 side chain to Reliquiae.

Where five or more RemnantLink users exist, they can opt-in to create their own local blockchain, hosted on any mesh-connected Remnant-Link nodes. When a layer 3 side chain is created, The RemnantLink app of all opted-in users creates a copy of the new blockchain locally on the phone and serves as a layer 3 node on the mesh network.

That means the user’s phones in the RemnantLink mesh network become the blockchain

This is a game-changing tool for the times ahead and offers a locally managed cryptocurrency that derives its value directly from bitcoin.

Benefits of Reliquiae


Reliquiae's offline transaction feature makes it accessible to users in areas with limited or no internet connectivity, enabling transactions to take place even in the absence of an internet connection.

Censorship Resistance

Reliquiae's hardware nodes enable complete censorship resistance for cryptocurrencies, by facilitating complete end to end transactions with witness verification without the need for internet access at the time of the transaction.


Reliquiae's person-to-person transaction feature enables decentralized, private, and secure transactions using hardware nodes, with multiple third-party witness and record verification.


Reliquiae's use of the mesh network communication feature provides a robust long-range wide-area communications infrastructure that is not dependent on the internet.

Join the Reliquiae revolution by hosting a node

Visit to download the node client software. The P2P blockchain includes a bitcoin full node so requires a large amount if free disk space to install and operate..
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