RemnantLink Self Powered Repeater

The RemnantLink Router is a modular self-powered mesh network repeater. This device is designed to be a mesh network range extender. Depending on the environment and topography, the repeater can extend the mesh range by up to o 16 miles (20Km) in all directions. When placed in between devices as a range extender, the router can connect extend the range by up to 30 miles (40Km)

The repeater has an internal 4Ah battery which can power the repeater for over a month without any solar power available. The solar charge controller includes low-temperature monitoring to disable charging the internal battery in sub-zero temperatures to protect the battery from damage.

An optional external antenna connector to enable significant range improvements and an external power socket to charge or to add an additional 5V solar panel.

While the first production run devices will ship with a standard Lipo4 battery, the device has hardware support for a future self-heated battery pack that will be user upgradable

RemnantLink Router Overview

Hardware Features


Solar Panel

Extend Range and Power

The optional SMA antenna port enables a significant range upgrade over the first version. There are many antennas available for a wide range of use cases. This new feature is a game changer for community mesh networks, enabling the widest area network coverage with the fewest number of devices. 

The external magnetic power port enables power boost for locations that do not receive enough sun light during the winter months. Any 5v solar panel can be connected to boost the available power.

Multiple Mounting Options Available

Magnetic Mount

Two neodymium magnets provide more than 5 Kg of adhesion force to keep the repeater in place during the strongest of storms.
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Vertical Wall Mount

Two 4mm screw holes allow the repeater to be securely fixed in place. .
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Horizontal Wall Mount

Two 4mm screw holes allow the repeater to be securely fixed in place. .
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Pole Mount

Pole mount kit comes with pole clamps that can clamp to a pole of 50mm down to 20mm
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